ACSR/TW (Shaped wire Aluminum Conductor, Steel Reinforced)

Shaped Wire Compact Concentric-Lay-Stranded Aluminum Conductor, Steel-Reinforced (ACSR/TW) is a concentrically stranded conductor , made with trapezoidal-shaped 1350-H19 wires over a high strength steel core. There are two possible design variants. In one case ACSR/TW conductors are designed to have an equal aluminum cross sectional area as that of a standard ACSR which results in a smaller conductor diameter maintaining the same ampacity level but reduced wind loading parameters. In the second design, diameter of the conductor is maintained to that of a standard ACSR which results in a significantly lower conductor resistance and increased current rating with the same conductor diameter.

Midal manufactures ACSR/TW with Galvanized steel ( in Class A, Class B & Class C), Zn-5Al mischmetal coated steel or Aluminum clad steel core. ACSR/TW can be supplied on Returnable Steel Reels or Non-Returnable wooden/steel reels depending on customer requirement.


  • Reduced drag characteristics
  • Low wind and ice loading parameters
  • high breaking load & better sag properties
  • suitable for remote applications involving long spans



ACSR/TW manufactured by Midal meets/or exceeds the requirements of all international specification standards like ASTM B 779, IEC or equivalent.  

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