Midal Cables B.S.C. (C) was established in 1977 conceived between Intersteel, Bahrain and Olex Cables, Australia to manufacture Aluminium Rod and Overhead Electrical Transmission Cables, Conductors. 

Since then, the company has developed into a significant player in the Aluminium and Electrical Transmission Industry in Kingdom of Bahrain. Its growth has contributed to the industrialization of Bahrain and Gulf countries while promoting a national skilled workforce within the company.

Midal supplies the world market with Rod Cast from the molten Aluminium delivered directly from Aluminium Bahrain (ALBA) Smelter adjacent to its manufacturing plant. The liquid Aluminium is exceptionally pure which allows Midal to cast Rod and further production of Wires an exceptionally high conductivity in various grades of Transmission Cables. Midal's EC grade and 6201 Alloy Rod are sold around the world as well as being used in-house to manufacture a full range of Overhead Electrical Conductors and Aluminum Wires.

Midal has participated in numerous transmission and distribution projects, meeting the most stringent technical standards and supply requirements. Midal has continued a policy of investment in the most up-to-date Technology its manufacturing plant and has put a great emphasis on work force training to ensure the technical excellence to manufacture its products.

Over 41 Years of Success, Midal Cables B.S.C. (C) is still looking forward for continuous growth and improvement of its business processes.

Midal's quality starts with exceptionally pure high grade liquid Aluminum delivered to our furnaces. Immediately on delivery, the molten metal is tested for its purity on spectrum analyzer. Depending on alloying requirement necessary alloy element get mixed in furnace and further tested for alloying compositions. The melt is channeled from the furnaces onto continuous rotating copper casting wheel where in the process it partially get cool and solidifies into a continuous aluminum alloy bar. The bar is then passed straight into a no twist rolling mill to reduce it to a 9.5 mm and 12 mm diameter Rod which is coiled and ready for further wire drawing process.

In operating Five Rod production lines, Midal ensures that the highest quality EC grad and Alloy Rod is produced for Conductor manufacturing. The finished Rod is carefully selected for correct tensile strength and conductivity after 100% Destructive Testing on Tensile Testing and Conductivity testing Machines.

Aluminium or Aluminium Alloy Rod is drawn to the correct wire size on Wire Drawing Machines partially submerged in oil to give the wire a mirror finish. The finishing die, the last die in the wire drawing process, rotates uniformly to ensure perfect round wire. The wire is wound onto a bobbin which is passed through strandards. Each bobbin in strander is controlled by brake to maintain uniform longitudinal tension on the wire throughout the stranding process. These processes get more straighter and uniform cables of higher quality.

Midal Cable is proud of our rigorous quality control system. It ensures the highest quality standard for our end products from its entire supply chain management by keeping its testing results for possible traceability.

Midal has a fully equipped testing laboratory, we spectroanalyze the input molten aluminum for its purity, carry out tensile, elongation, wire wrap test and conductivity as required by various International Standards and Specification or Special Customer's demands. In addition Midal's highly experience personnel carry out many other online tests at each stage of production to eliminate any product defect.

Midal's quality management system has been instituted to give the customer total satisfaction.

Certification under Integrated Management System (IMS) Midal has been awarded as True Recognition of what has been practice, Organizational Health & Safety (OHSAS 18001) into its existing quality (ISO 9001 and environmental (ISO 14001) Management System, making Midal as one of the Pioneers in the GCC to implement an integrated Management System for its Quality, Safety, Health and Environment (QSHE).

Midal's Top Management aims that all its Employees and Visitors return home safely to their families after contributing their effort to produce quality products and services while at the same time preserving the earth's pristine beauty.

Midal Cables Setting the Standard that other can follow. A philosophy that paid the rich dividend, not only in its success, but also in forging strong relationships. Saudi Cables of Jeddah, a company that recognized the importance of this beliefs, became an equal partner in 1984 further strengthening Midal's commitment in the years that followed.