Midal Cables is a success story born in 1977, conceived between Intersteel, Bahrain and Olex Cables, Australia.

Its aim was to evolve the degree of industrial self sufficiency in the Middle East by leading the way in Manufacturing of High Voltage Overhead Electrical Conductors, Aluminum and Alloy Rod. The seal of approval was given in 1977 when the factory and the plant reached completion. The Prime Minister, Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa formally open the premises.


From the outset Midal has stood by its company philosophy, "Setting the Standards that others can follow" . A philosophy that paid the rich dividends, not only in its success, but also in forging strong relationships. Saudi Cables of Jeddah, a company that recognized the importance of this belief, became an equal partner in 1984 further strengthening Midal's commitment in the years that followed.


Proof that Midal is continuously "Setting the Standards" can be seen by an impressive record of first in innovations. The introduction of an Aluminium Alloy Rod line in 1987. The first receipt of the ISO 9002 Certification (International Standards Award) for dedication to the quality of manufacturing Rods, Wires and Conductors in the Gulf. The first in the gulf to manufacture and deliver the New ACSS Conductors. Becoming the first company outside North America and Europe to manufacture the next generation ACCC Aluminum Conductors with a Composite Core in 2006,. Midal is dedicated to bringing new energy efficient measures to its customers to reduce carbon emissions and improve their profitability. The New ACCC conductors combine high thermal operating temperatures with lower losses and high efficiency. This reaffirms Midal's position as a market leader in the development and production of Aluminium Alloys and leader in the industry for New Technologies.


It is through its achievement and its continual dedication to quality that Midal is now one of the Bahrain's foremost privately owned companies, dedicated to contributing to the economy of Bahrain, while promoting a national skilled workforce within the company.


Exporting its Award winning products not only throughout the Middle East but also across the globe, Midal has built up a reputation of quality and reliability in the marketplace worldwide.


Lastly, Midal Cables has declared its ethical responsibility towards the environment by implementing an environmental management system certified ISO 14001 Standard.

Since 1977, Midal's past success Story will continue forward into the future and Spans the Globe.